Simran and Vivaan’s Quarantine Adventure! – Simran Bhatnagar

Hello there, my name is Simran Bhatnagar. You will be reading about mine and my four-year-old brother’s quarantine adventure! The reason I say adventure and not experience is because for us everything is an adventure, we go in it together and come out of it together! When quarantine first started I thought it wouldn’t beContinue reading “Simran and Vivaan’s Quarantine Adventure! – Simran Bhatnagar”

Sarah Munoz, Dublin High School Psychologist, joins the Parth and Pratham podcast

Loneliness is a big deal in American Society.  According to a survey from TIME Magazine: in 2019, 61% of Americans felt lonely in some way. COVID – 19 has made this worse. According to the same study,  31% of Americans feel lonelier thanks to the virus. This study also determines that younger people are moreContinue reading “Sarah Munoz, Dublin High School Psychologist, joins the Parth and Pratham podcast”

Summary of Recent Events

On May 25th, 2020, George Floyd was shopping at a convenience store purchasing cigarettes. George Floyd paid in cash. The cashier behind the counter noticed something peculiar with the cash Floyd paid and called the cops. Four cops promptly arrived on the scene and attempted to arrest Mr.Floyd. One officer, Derek Chauvin, stepped on Floyd’sContinue reading “Summary of Recent Events”

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